Läderach History

From the very beginning, our chocolate journey has been defined by delightful discovery and innovation. In 1970, Rudolf Läderach Jr. invented a new manufacturing procedure for the chocolate truffle, improving the taste and texture. Since then we have composed countless recipes that blend classic notes with modern aspirations.


1962. Founding

Chocolatier Rudolf Läderach Jr. founds his company in Glarus, at this time a small village in Switzerland, with the idea of creating a “Confectionary of Sweet Gifts”.


1970. Truffle Patent

Rudolf Läderach Jr. invents and patents the revolutionary process to manufacture thin-walled hollow balls for truffles, which makes the professional manufacture of truffles significantly easier and improves their quality.


1994. Generational Change

Rudolf Läderach Jr. hands over the company to his son, Jürg Läderach. Jürg is a visionary entrepreneur whose main focus is to create exceptional chocolate for the people.


2004. Acquisition of Merkur

Purchase of Merkur Confiserien AG in Switzerland with more than 40 branches to reach the private consumers. At this time the idea of FrischSchoggi is born, where every chocolate lover receives the piece in its desired size, broken off from the large, unique fresh-chocolate platter fresh from the bar.


2008. New Brand Image

New brand launch “Läderach – chocolatier suisse” and opening of the show confectioneries in our boutiques on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich and Spitalgasse in Bern.


2010. Best Swiss Chocolate to the world

The expansion abroad starts: Opening of chocolate boutiques in Freiburg, Constance and Munich as well as a second Läderach chocolatier swiss shop in South Korea.


2012. Preparing the future

In May 2011, the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of our own chocolate factory in Bilten takes place. We open our own chocolate factory in Bilten in September 2012.


2018. Hand-over to the next generation

In 2018 Jürg Läderach hands over the operational responsibility of Läderach to the 3rd generation. The oldest son, Johannes is appointed as CEO of the Läderach Group. Elias takes over the responsibility as Head of Production & Innovation and further joins the Group Management Board. As well on board is the youngest son,  David, who tackles the digital transformation of Läderach.


2018. World Champion of Chocolate

The world’s best chocolatier is from Switzerland. With his exceptional chocolate creations, Elias Läderach is able to beat 19 international competitors at the World Chocolate Masters 2018 in Paris. Two of his ideas that particularly impressed the jury are now available for everyone to enjoy: the Masters Tablet Caramel and the Masters Bonbon Mandarine.


2019. International Expansion

Läderach starts to open own shops in various countries across the globe, starting with USA, Canada & UK. All Läderach chocolates are handcrafted masterpieces and we will continue with this value for the quality of our products irrespective of expansion.

Läderach Today


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Today's Leaders

Johannes Läderach

Johannes Läderach

The 3rd generation is led by Johannes Läderach as CEO of Läderach group. For young Johannes it was pretty clear that he wants to enter the company and to support his parents. After his studies in business administration at the university of St. Gallen, he started in the department of B2B Sales in Germany. In 2012 he took over the leadership in the production plant in Germany. He left this plant in 2016 and moved back to Switzerland to become Head of Sales B2B for the Läderach group. In 2018 his father handed over the operations of the company to him. Under Johannes leadership Läderach started the retail expansion to the USA, Canada and the UK.

Elias Läderach

His younger brother Elias, inherited the craftsmanship and creativity of his grandfather, becoming a confiseur and chocolatier. In 2006 he joined the Läderach team of confiseurs and innovators. In 2017 Elias won the Swiss Chocolate Master award and in 2018 he became the World Chocolate Master after a 3-day competition in Paris. The jury members are quoted in saying “You are the Usain Bolt of chocolate: super focused, super technical, with extreme precision and dedication. Your attention to detail is second nature. Overall amazing, clean, sharp, with a perfect performance.”

Elias Läderach
David Läderach

David Läderach

The youngest of the three Läderach brothers, David, left a career in banking and business administration to join the family business in 2018. He is leading the way in digitizing the company to prepare it for the future. The family embraces the changing needs of the modern age, without compromising the values that are at its heart and its commitment to perfect chocolate creations.

The Chocolate Family

Swiss family traditions and values are at the core of every single Läderach chocolate. We have been in the chocolate craft for three generations now and our family has expanded to include the cocoa farmers that grow our beans, the experts that process them, and the artisans that dream up and create the Läderach delicacies. We are sworn to perfection and responsible craftsmanship – by lending the family name to the brand we made an unwavering promise to you and our environment. Although Läderach has a global presence, the company’s roots are local and it works by fundamental family values such as tolerance, respect, reliability, honesty and trust.

The beginning

It all began in the early 60’s in the small Alpine town of Glarus, when Rudolf Läderach Jr. began to experiment with chocolate in his cellar. Coming from a lineage of confiseurs, he was looking for a new way to create the perfect truffle – a small, delicate delight with unforgettable impact. He succeeded and in 1970 patented the thin-walled hollow truffle shells that can be filled with an endless range of creams and mousses. We offered this innovation to other chocolatiers around the world. This made it possible for Läderach to grow beyond our town and become an international supplier.

The next chapter

Passion is contagious, passion for chocolate even more so. Jürg Läderach took up the business from his father in 1994 and continued to grow its reach. His coup was the purchase of Merkur, a Swiss chain of confectionery shops. From then Läderach became a household name for chocolate lovers. Finally we were reaching customers directly as a chocolate brand of our very own –  Läderach – chocolatier suisse.

Together with his wife, Esther, Jürg grew the business, and raised 6 children never wavering from the values of tolerance, respect, reliability, honesty and trust.

The Larger Chocolate Family

The Läderach chocolate family is always growing. The value chain is a human chain of farmers, suppliers, quality control experts, chocolatiers, shop assistants and every other employee of the company. Each member of this family is proud of their work and the legacy they represent.

We want to make sure that everyone around us, including you, benefits from our work. We ensure that the cultivation of the beans we use in our chocolate is done using human- and eco-friendly methods and that our processing plants are environmentally sustainable, minimizing emissions. From our first days in the small valley town of Glarus to today’s international chain of chocolate shops, we have not changed, we have only grown. We believe that impeccable quality is sustained by passion, and we promise that the chocolate you eat is made with and for love.